do you hear the lion roar?

37 || Nexus || Resurrection

"I have a mission, and not even death can stop me."

RP blog for: Heroes RPG


[Seth walks in to his old office, finding that it is mostly untouched. The place needs to be dusted, but that can be taken care of. Curious about who is around at this hour, the man decides to take a stroll through the halls.]

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    Eh’ non’ lately, everyone be’ so gloom an’ doom. Like homme’s aye’ got burned by ah’ dragon an’ am still smilein’ You...
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    Oh, I very much hope so. I do think I’ll be here in spite of whatever annoyances may surface. And merci for your...
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    Annoyances are still annoyances. Yes, I will be. And I am sure I will see you around.